Are you remodeling your bathroom? Here you can find some great advices that will help you to choose the best material for you!

In the stone industry, you can find many options for all kind of taste and budget. If you would like to give a luxury and natural look at your bathroom, natural stone is the best choice for you. Marbles, granite, dolomite, calcite, onyx, and quartzite are great for walls, floors, and vanity tops.

You can even combine porcelain with marble, it will look gorgeous. Many designers like to decorate the bathroom with a mosaic, which is a versatile and cheap option. But nothing compares to the beauty of the natural stone.

Travertine and Limestone are being used more and more in bathrooms. As with granite, some finishes are more slip-resistant than others. If you are considering putting a natural stone in your bathroom you will want to choose a stone with the lowest water absorptions rate to prevent the stain from being absorbed and damage. It is also recommended to seal the stone during the application.

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