Brazilian Fossil Quartzite Slab in Boynton Beach, FL
Brazilian Fossil Quartzite
Brazilian Fossil Quartzite Boynton Beach
Brazilian Fossil

Brazilian Fossil is a beautiful exotic quartzite, with brown white, and gray colors. This natural stone is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects. Brazilian Fossil Quartzite is an excellent prospect for your kitchen countertops, vanity tops, or flooring.

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Size: 127x78x3cm


Sqft: 68.79


Type: Quartzite

Quartzite is a rock that’s not aware of who it is. Quartzite is frequently mistaken for marble or light-colored granite, particularly when utilized as a building material. The current introduction of artificial quartz countertops has indeed complicated the matter. It’s not easy being a rock with an identity crisis, especially since classification isn’t that expensive. Sk Stone a one-stop-shop. Visit here and collect the best   Brazilian Fossil Quartzite at West Palm Beach to Remodel your Home.

Brazilian Fossil Quartzite