Discover some great materials for outdoor countertops!


Granite is a great option for outdoor countertops. It is rain resistant and can withstand the heat from the sun and hot pans. With a proper coat of sealant, granite is also resistant against stains, mold, and mildew so even rainiest days won’t pose a threat. This material is easy to maintain and to clean. If you seal it properly it will look fresh and pristine. If you like granite you have to be careful about the color. Sunlight can make darker colors hot to the touch, we advise you to choose a lighter color if you do not have a shading.


Quartzite has a lot of qualities similar to granite but is easier to care of. Quartzite is a wonderful option; however, you need be careful when using knives and sharps objects because it will leave scratches. To clean your quartzite surfaces you only need soap and water, but you’ll need to make an effort to clean them up quickly or else you risk them getting stained. Unlike granite, quartzite cannot stand at high temperatures. You won’t need to worry about its color fading in the sunlight.


Porcelain tiles and slabs can be applied to the outdoor countertops. This material has more advantages than natural stone. Porcelain is non-porous, very durable, and low maintenance. Also, it is very heat resistant. Be careful when using heavy objects around these countertops, it can chip, and repairs can be expensive.


Marble is mostly used for indoor countertops, but you can still make it work for outdoor usage too. If you like marble and you would like to put it outdoor you have to consider that with rain and wind a polished finish will almost certainly be worn away. You will have to seal it regularly. But if you’re not a fan of maintenance, go with a honed finish instead. If you will prepare food a lot on this surface, you have to avoid acid food and drinks, they will leave etching and stains. Marble is a very durable stone, so it will certainly hold up outside even with very little maintenance if you decide to let it age naturally.

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