How to Remove Scratches from Marble? Step-by-Step!

This amazing natural stone is perfect for kitchen countertop, tabletop, floors and other surfaces. However, this stone can scratch easily. Do not worry if this happens to your marble, thre are some easy way to remove scratches. Keep in mind that deep scratches will require professional help, but removing minor scratched is a DIY job. Follow those five simple steps to get rid of your scratches.

Step 1: Mix Warm Water and Mild Dish Soap:

  • This will be applied to the side of the scratch.

Step 2: Rub the Area with a Damp Cloth:

  • Wet a soft cloth in the water and dish soap mixture. Then, wring the cloth out so it is just damp, rather than soaked. Gently rub the area of the scratch with the damp cloth. 

Step 3: Rinse the Surface:

  • Now, you have to rinse the surface with a different damp soft cloth that was dipped in just warm water.

Step 4: Buff the Surface:

  • With a dry soft cloth and circular motion, you can buff the surface.

Step 5: Polish:

  • The last step is to polish your surface. You have to use specific products.

If this method does not work, you will probably need a professional help.

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