SK Stones USA has been providing the residents of Palm Beach and Broward County with the highest-quality natural stone products for over 10 years. Designers, contractors, and homeowners all choose SK Stones because of its wide range of Collections with attractive pricing.
At SK Stones USA, Your renovation requirements will be met under one roof. Countertops, Backsplashes, Cabinets, Natural Stone Flooring, Mosaics, and Staircases are just a few of the many products we provide. If you are looking for some accents and backsplashes that suit your new kitchen set-up, then you must visit S.K. stones to get the best kitchen products in Florida.
We have a professional staff to help with your tiles and backsplash decisions for your kitchen. Not just consumers, architects and designers enjoy our location in Boynton Beach, FL. So, If you are a constructor or a designer, you may select us or send your customers for your kitchen design and backsplash material choosing.

SK Stones accent tiles for the kitchen (including glass tiles)

Accent tiles are a low-cost method to spice up your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. You may update the room without overpowering the overall design by using a simple design or a smaller piece for your accent tiles.
We have a great collection of accent tiles for kitchen backsplash, and You can also have an accent backsplash behind stove. Moreover, You can have a high-quality kitchen backsplash accent strip here.
Keeping a counter-to-cabinet ceramic tile or glass tile backsplash clean and attractive is considerably more straightforward. The water, heat, and stain resistance of glass backsplash tile makes it ideal for kitchens with messy chefs.
Homeowners and kitchen designers love the look of glass backsplash tile. There’s nothing quite like magnificent glass tiles, whether it comes to durability, aesthetics, upkeep, or adaptability. So you should have the best glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash with us.

SK Stones Backsplash available options

You can see multiple designs in the backsplash for kitchen sink and even in the backsplash for kitchen wall. Other than that, decorative wall tiles for the kitchen are also available for our valuable customers.
If you are looking for a backsplash for the modern kitchen, You can also check our kitchen backsplash ideas from our outlet samples that you can use or make a custom order.
Among many varieties, our White Backsplash for Kitchen is a high in demand item. So don’t miss our backsplash for white kitchen; visit our store and check our kitchen backsplash pictures to choose the most suitable one for your kitchen. Our staff can also guide you about the most suitable ones for you by describing all the pros and cons of each option.

Backsplash for kitchen installation or backsplash for kitchen counters

Besides the wall and sink, you can also have a backsplash for kitchen installation and counters. S.K. stones are a less expensive alternative to regular tile for a backsplash, and there is no requirement for grout when using the self-adhesive backing. With so many designs to choose from, you can have the appearance of a tile backsplash without the exorbitant price tag.