Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are the most critical part of our kitchens. “SK Stones USA” have a Big Showroom in Boynton Beach, FL, with a variety of collection for Kitchen cabinets available in our store, so you can buy any design to make your kitchen look attractive. We have a collection of Marine-grade plywood, European & Italian Imported Kitchen Cabinets. Our Main Focus is to create the best quality cabinets giving your kitchen a stunning look. Situated in Boynton Beach, we are serving across South Florida. These cabinets are also called built-in furniture to store food, cooking equipment, and some table serving utensils. Visit our showroom; our Staff is Trained and will help you choose the suitable Cabinet for your kitchen. We are also operating in Fort Lauderdale at “Elements KBF.”

Below are all the types of Kitchen cabinets available at our showroom, so it will be easier for you to decide the right design & style of cabinets for your kitchen. No worries, suppose you don’t have any knowledge about kitchen cabinets. In that case, you can feel free to call us or visit us in any of our showrooms to clear all your queries.

Want to See how The Product will Look Like? Try our New Kitchen Visualizer Below:

Kitchen Cabinet at Elements KBF in Fort Lauderdale

Kitchen Cabinet at SK Stones in Boynton Beach


Kitchen Pantry

Pantry cabinets are specific cabinets in your kitchen where you can store your food items. Furthermore, a pantry cabinet in someone’s kitchen is an excellent detail that not only increases the beauty of the kitchen but also helps you store your dried, canned, spices, and other food items. 

pantry cabinet in kitchen by SK stones
Black Pantry Kitchen Cabinets by Sk at Boynton Beach
white pantry kitchen cabinets by SK stones

Kitchen WALL

Mounted on walls, Kitchen wall cabinets are the essential part of any Kitchen. At our wear-house, We have Imported Italian Kitchen Cabinets by Astra. Visit us at Boynton Beach, FL to have a perfect solution for your Kitchen. Wall Cabinets have Different dimensions, different specific heights, and the width of wall cabinets also varies. We have solutions for all your problems at SK Stones USA.

Kitchen white Cabinets Mounted on walls
Golden Kitchen wall cabinets in Boynton Beach
Wall Kitchen Cabinets in Boynton Beach, Fl
Italian Kitchen Cabinets by Astra.
kitchen base black cabinets in Boynton Beach

Kitchen BASE

These kitchen cabinets are essential for our kitchen because it supports most of the weight of our kitchen. The base kitchen cabinets should be strong enough to bear the weight of countertops and common kitchen appliances. There are different styles of these cabinets available, but the most common type has one drawer on top with underneath shelves, or even some of them have banks or drawers.

golden color kitchen base cabinets
off white kitchen base cabinets in Palm Beach County
Italian White kitchen base cabinets by SK Stones USA.

Kitchen CORNER

There are two different types of corner cabinets: Lazy Susan corner cabinet: When it comes to the kitchen corners, then the lazy Susan is one of the best options. These L-shaped cabinets have only one shelf inside them. You can also have two turntable features in it which are best to store large cooking utensils. Blind corner cabinets: If someone can’t afford the above corner cabinet, they can have bling corner cabinets. As its name refers, half of the cabinet will be hidden but still have enough space.

Imported Kitchen green and white corner cabinets
Golden Corner Cabinets in Kitchen
Modern white Kitchen corner cabinets in Florida
Italian off white corner cabinets by SK Stones USA
White Island Kitchen Cabinets with countertops by sk stones

Kitchen ISLAND

A freestanding cabinet that can either match your kitchen design or increase the attraction of your kitchen is the Kitchen Island. These kitchen Islands even have stoles around them, extra seating arrangements, or even cabinets that you can use to store many different kitchen cabinets. We at SK have Premium Italian Kitchen Islands. Visit our Showroom at Boynton Beach, FL to have a one-stop-shop for all your Kitchen Remodeling.

Blue kitchen Island Cabinets in Palm Beach county
White Kitchen Island Cabinets in Boynton Beach, FL
White Kitchen Island Cabinets by SK in Boynton Beach


Glass doors are the perfect option for increasing the sleekness and style of our kitchen cabinets. Glass is almost for any theme or design of your kitchen. It gives your kitchen and sparkling look. For all the modern home design, glass plays an integral part. You can choose a stained glass or even a frosted glass that also has some glossiness left on it. We at SK Stones, Boynton Beach have imported European Kitchen Glass Door Cabinets, Visit us & our Representative will Help you choose the best Products.

Glass black doors Cabinets in West Palm Beach
White Kitchen Glass Door Cabinets in Boynton Beach
Brown Kitchen Glass Door Cabinets in Boynton Beach
White Kitchen Glass Door Corner Cabinets in Boynton Beach

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