Kitchen Cabinets

SK Stones USA offers an enormous selection of modern cabinet styles, including flat door to Classic USA made shaker doors with custom modifications. We are providing our customers with high-quality, full-access Kitchen cabinets to complete solutions. We offer the best services for all Kitchen remodeling and creating the best Kitchen Designs.

Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Boynton Beach
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Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen is a place where you gather to prepare dinner, at parties or spend time together. Your countertop is on view for all your guests to see; so what do you want it to say about you? SK Stones USA is trusted in South Florida by hundreds of customers to provide them with a functional and beautiful kitchen and play a vital role in their families’ daily lives. We offer a wide range of colors and textures, so you’re sure to find your perfect countertop.


A backsplash is one of your kitchen’s visual centerpieces, and so is a crucial area that needs special attention. It is usually exposed to splatters, high temperatures, grease, etc., so you need a resilient and hygienic material to make your life easier.

We adapt to the way you use your kitchen and both the style of your house and your style. During the kitchen remodeling whatever backsplash model and series you choose, you’ll find the kitchen of your dreams at SK Stones USA.

Backsplash Remodeling Boynton Beach