Calacatta Lincoln Marble

Calacatta Lincoln Marble is the best for your flooring, walls, and countertops.

Get custom Calacatta Lincoln Marble for your home remodeling in Boynton Beach, FL.

Size: 123x61x3cm

Sqft: 52.10

Type: Marble

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Calacatta Lincoln Slab is an ideal material for floors, Tile, Countertops and Worktops.  In all cases, the impressive aesthetic qualities of Calacatta Tile slabs give Calacatta Marble a huge impact on any design. Calacatta is one of the most beautiful forms of limestone that delivers a subtle earthy experience through its mottled patterns, reminiscent of ancient times.

The Calacatta Lincoln Slab is an elegant choice for any home or business with its classic white color, versatile appearance and glorious shine; it’s no wonder Calacatta Marble is one of the most favored marble types.

The Calacatta Lincoln Slab is a classic Italian, Calacatta Marble with slightly irregular cream background with grey-white veins and occasional grey dots throughout the stone. It has an antique look to it that can blend well in any room. Calacatta Lincoln Slabs are versatile in appearance it is not only elegant but has an appealing look that can be used for traditional, classic or modern designs. Calacatta Lincoln can also be installed with other tiles like Calacatta Marble Tile to create an excellent kitchen worktop design or to create a bathroom wall.

Calacatta Lincoln Countertops have the same luxurious flair as Calacatta Tile, but is well suited to being used in a kitchen. Calacatta slabs are often polished into a bright finish that sparkles with a gorgeous bluish tin shine. Calacatta Marble Slab can be installed under a for use as Calacatta Countertops in your kitchen. Calacatta is a dense stone that keeps liquids hot for cooking and gathers moisture in the air, which you can wipe up with ease; Calacatta Lincoln Slab has also been used in development spaces to keep tools warm when they are set down on Calacatta Countertops. Making Calacatta a popular choice for kitchen countertops because makes Calacatta Countertop easy to clean with just soap and water.

Marble Countertop in Davie, Florida

Get the best quality Marble Countertop in Davie, Florida by SK Stones. Calacatta Lincoln is a marble. It is characterized by a clean white background with distinct gray veining.

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120" x 120", 60" x 60", 30" x 30"


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