Iced White Quartz

Ice White is a man-made material called Quartz. This stone is mostly used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, backsplashes, and kitchen islands. Its Grey-White veins with Grey color will match with dark gray, white, black, blue, and brown kitchen Cabinets or Vanities.

Size: 330 x 163 cm – 130″ x 64″

Thickness: 20mm – 3/4 & 39mm – 1 1/4″

Type: Quartz


Express the Grace: The Enduring Appearance of Iced White Quartz

The preference for stones can influence the atmosphere and admirable design in interior design. One of the well-known Quartz that has been attaining vogue for its enduring looks and adaptability is Iced White Quartz. The stunning surface of this Quartz has evolved as a choice among homeowners, designers, and architects. They love to own this attractive impression and functional grades. Let’s explore its attributes, use, and why it is the ultimate choice in modern design.


The Charm of Iced White Quartz:

As the name indicates, Iced White Quartz defines a calm, refined design that can promote any place. This designed stone is formed mainly of natural crystals, such as Quartz. It is a blend of resins and pigments that are the most challenging minerals on Earth. That’s why it has a soft surface that upgrades the luxurious look with enhanced durability and minimal maintenance. This Quartz mainly has a color palette of fresh, snowy white background with delicate veins. Thus, a decent and subtle design of dark and light shade veins on its surface defines a sense of movement in depth. It is a good option for Ice White Quartz Countertops and backsplashes for bathroom walls. Further, you can use it for your exterior design. This Quartz is durable, easy to clean, and maintenance-free.


Adaptability in Design:

  • One of the main benefits of this White Iced Quartz is its versatility for any specific design of kitchen countertops or backsplashes. It mainly completes the design style of enduring traditional and modern stones. The minimal design of this Quartz defines a neutral and decent backdrop that offers a design element to shine. Specifically for Kitchen countertops, it has become a popular choice for anyone to have. 
  • Its smooth, durable surface makes it resistant to stains, bacteria, and condensation, guaranteeing a clean and hygienic countertop. The sturdiness of Quartz also indicates that these can fight the severities of daily use without failing their polish.

Ease of Maintenance:

  • Moreover, this White Iced Quartz Countertops is easy to maintain and has a gorgeous appearance. Unlike other stones with a time-to-time sealing to sustain the polish, it has lasting shine. A simple wipe for daily use is sufficient to keep the polish the same.  
  • Quartz is durable because it is less sensitive to scratches, chips, and further deterioration normally associated with natural quartz. This stability makes it an excellent selection for busy kitchens where class and functionality are essential.

Characteristics of Iced White Quartz for Countertops

UNE-EN-ISO 9239-1:2002 & ISO 1716:2002
Euro classes A2fl s1
UNE EN 14617-11:2006
ºC-1 3,3 x 105
UNE EN 14617-2:2005
MPa 80 – 90
UNE EN 14617-9:2005
J >15
UNE EN 14231:2004
USRV 6 wet
37 dry
UNE EN 14617-1:2005
% 0,06 – 0,08
UNE EN 14617-1:2005
kg/m3 2,060 – 2080
UNE-EN 14617-3:2005
mm 28 – 30
UNE EN 14617-10: 2005
C4 Surface Hardness
C4 Alkalis: 80% of resistance after 8 hours.
UNI EN 101 Ceramic tiles.
MOHS 6 -7


White Ice Quartz in Boynton Beach, Florida

This Quartz is a decent choice for any interior and exterior design. Its durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance make it a compelling choice for you—designers’ first choice for having a luxurious and practical design. Visit our showroom for an adoring variety of kitchen countertops and bathroom backsplashes. Quartz White Ice gives a touch of refinement that lasts for a time; as design trends grow, this enduring Quartz stays a symbol of grace, promising to improve the decent attraction of homes for years to come.


Iced white quartz countertops model

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120" x 120", 60" x 60", 30" x 30"


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