Palomino Granite

Palomino Granite is the best fir your flooring, walls and countertops.

Get custom Palomino Granite for your home remodeling in South Florida USA.


Size: 122x78x3cm

Sqft: 66.05

Type: Granite



Palomino is a very luxury granite. It is the most popular material for luxury hotels and home decorations.SK Stone Granite Hollywood, FL for the best Home Remodeling and Renovation ideas.

Best Palomino Granite Countertops Installer in Palm Beach

If it’s time for a complete Change of your home kitchen here in Palm Beach, FL, Don’t even think about other choices. Granite Counter Tops Pb should be your best choice and with that, don’t even think of hiring an unknown contractor. Choosing to work with reputable granite countertops is the key to getting the best value for your investment.
Experience is everything when it comes to dealing with granite countertops at SK Stones in the USA. An experienced contractor will certainly cut, polish, and install the entire project without compromising quality. At this point, your countertop and other granite surfaces will be ready very quickly, as opposed to using someone who is useless and prone to delays. At Granite Countertops in Palm Beach, FL, our primary goal is to provide you with the best granite slabs at an affordable price. And that’s not all. Upgrading or redesigning a kitchen is not something that anyone chooses lightly, so neither do we. So, rest assured that you and our team will cooperate from the word “go” to the very end of the project, which is focused on providing a high-dollar granite countertop. What’s more, we carefully fit all the slabs together to make your kitchen look great. Contact us for more information.

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120" x 120", 60" x 60", 30" x 30"


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