Statuario Nambia

Find the unique sensation of Statuario Nambia, its striking appearance defines a statement on any design project.


Type: Marble

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Statuario Marble in West Plam Beach

Statuario marble is a more exclusive stone with distinct gray and gold veining throughout and a striking, bold pattern. This marble is considered to be one of the major white marbles. Statuario Nambia contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns.


Statuario is also quarried in Italy. The mountain quarries of Statuario Nambia are located above Carrara. Statuario has limited availability and high demand. The low availability of this marble makes it more of a rare find.


Statuario Nambia is an ideal stone for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom vanities, and floor tiles. Statuario should not be used for exterior applications.


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