Edified by the iconic beauty of the Taj Mahal. With its warm beige shade and soft lines, it adds a glimmer of luxury.


Type: Granite


Taj Mahal stone gets its name from the famous mausoleum, likely due to the light coloration, it is not, in fact, the white marble used on the building of the same name. With it’s soft, white, or beige background tones and golden and amber striations, this stone is actually far warmer than the bright white of the Taj Mahal in India, which makes it a suitable interior design choice for many homeowners and professionals.

Taj Mahal Stone

What sets quartzite apart is its unique appearance. Certain varieties of quartzite are sometimes mistaken for marble or granite. Quartzite may have features that are unique to the stone, such as veining that ranges from feathery strokes to dramatic streaking within a single piece, as well as the inclusion of quartz crystals that make for a glittering, dimensional surface.

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