Via Lactea Quartzite

Via Lactea Quartzite is the best for your flooring, walls, and countertops.

Get custom Via Lactea Quartzite for your home remodeling in Boynton Beach, FL.


Size: 125.5x78x3cm

Sqft: 68

Type: Quartzite

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If you’re looking for a beautiful and durable quartzite countertop, Via Lactea is a great option. This natural stone comes from Spain and is known for its stunning white and gray swirls. Via Lactea quartzite is also very tough and resistant to scratches and stains, making it a perfect choice for busy kitchens. Via Lactea is a type of Quartxite and can be used for countertops, flooring and more. Via Lactea also has a neutral color palette, which means it will work well with existing decorative styles. Via Lactea was first discovered over 100 years ago and today it’s known around the world as one of the best countertop materials. Via Lactea is a great choice for people looking to add beauty, durability and value to their homes.

Via Lactea even has different finishes, which allow you to choose how shiny or matte you want your Via Lactea quartzite countertops. Via Lactea is offered at local distributors in Highlands County, FL. Via Lactea also comes with a warranty and if maintained properly Via Lacte can be around for many years. Via Lactea is a great investment for any home and will increase the value of your property. Contact Us today to learn more about Via Lactea quartzite and how you can add it to your home. Via Lactea is a type of Quartzite that comes from the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. It is known for its white and gray swirls, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Quartzite Countertops in Highlands County, FL

Via Lactea is a natural stone. Is a hard quartzite and can be used for kitchen countertops, home decoration, vanity tops, wall, floor, and other design projects.

Via Lactea Quartzite available at SK Stones USA in Highlands County, FL 

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120" x 120", 60" x 60", 30" x 30"


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